Bold Pops In A Neutral Vibe


Who doesn’t love a white kitchen? It is an extremely popular trend. A crisp clean, minimalistic feel is what every homeowner is seeking. I really lucked out when we purchased our home, because the perimeter of our kitchen has all white cabinets and white counter tops… score! However, as much as I love the clean feeling of white, I can’t help but add touches of color to one of my favorite rooms. When you have a generally neutral space, strategic bold pops of color can make a unique impact. That is exactly what I did with my favorite bold accent, red! If you know me, you know that red is my favorite. In my rationalization, red is the adult version of my favorite color pink (LOL). So as I started to build my kitchen décor, I searched for unique red accents such as plates and serving ware. Even my coveted KitchenAid mixer is red!


This glass display is one of the major features in our kitchen, so I was excited to utilize the space to showcase a bold color scheme. The first items to mention are my decorative hand painted floral plates. The smaller floral plates in the cabinet, along with the serving plate on my countertop are from the same Carynthum collection from Pier One. My love for hand painted colorful dishes comes from my travels in Italy. After visiting the beautiful and colorful towns for Capri and Positano, I knew I wanted to bring a taste of this look to my own home.


I also wanted this display case to be functional, so I store all my wine glasses here! I have everything from red to wine, stemless to gold stemmed glasses. I am a big wine lover, and I enjoy special wine glasses that elevate dinner parties. All of our glasses were gifted to us at my bridal shower, and every one is special. Some of our glasses are even personalized with a “P”. They are all Lennox brand, and can be found at Macy’s. The glasses are dispersed evenly in the display cabinet, with two layers in staggered lines. I am pretty particular about the arrangement, looking to achieve a relaxed but neat and tidy look. I did NOT want the case to seem like a cluttered storage for glasses.

Link to Lennox wine glasses:!!Red%20Wine#fn=WINEGLASS_TYPE%3DRed%20Wine%26BRAND%3DLenox%26sp%3D1%26spc%3D165%26ruleId%3D78%7CBOOST%20ATTRIBUTE%7CBOOST%20SAVED%20SET%26searchPass%3DmatchNone%26slotId%3D4

Link to personalized Lennox wine glasses:!!Red%20Wine&swatchColor=A#fn=WINEGLASS_TYPE%3DRed%20Wine%26BRAND%3DLenox%26sp%3D1%26spc%3D11%26ruleId%3D78%7CBOOST%20ATTRIBUTE%7CBOOST%20SAVED%20SET%26searchPass%3DmatchNone%26slotId%3D6


And last but not least…the rooster. When I first started working in the design field, I immediately drew to a taste of a relaxed Tuscan farmhouse. My taste has evolved since then, but I love this rooster and the quirky feel it brings. He now sits proudly in the display! I purchased this rooster at an antique store, but a similar one can be found here:

Link to rooster:

I have to say, every time I walk into my kitchen I see this display cabinet, and its color brings a smile to my face. That’s what its all about! Spaces that bring you joy. It may not always be “on trend” but if it brings you happiness in your home, that is timeless.   

Sweet Tea and Summer Porches

“Must-have #125 on our home search… a front porch large enough to sit under”. Okay, I doubt I had 125 must-have items during our search for the perfect home, but having a front porch was important! It may not be a giant wrap-around farmhouse porch, but it suits the front of our home perfectly, and I made the most of every inch. With a petite bench, welcoming decor and seasonal touches, our front porch can easily transition from season to season with minimal effort.


Our bench is the most versatile piece on the porch. I chose a petite high-back wood garden bench to fit into the small space we had to work with. The high-back is great for stacking pillows against, and is also really sturdy. This piece is from Wayfair, and is currently a close-out deal! There is not much left in stock, but Wayfair has tons of great bench options online, many on sale right now. As always with Wayfair, reading customer reviews is your best option to ensure you will be getting a quality product!

Link to bench:

Pillows truly give the bench color and texture! This is one of the ways I can easily transition the front porch from each season. For summer, I am embracing the natural greens and leaf print. The large tan tassel pillows were a GREAT find from Home Depot, and they were on sale! The large size allows them to stack behind. The adorable leaf pillows were part of a set from Wayfair. Inexpensive, and easy to wash.

Link to pillows:

Keeping with the green leafy trend, this charming magnolia wreath was the perfect touch for adding color to our front door. it is from Antique Farmhouse.

Link to wreath:

Our topiary is the latest addition to our porch. This 60” tall lighted boxwood provides impact both day and night, and being that our front porch sits so far back from the road, it is very visible! Boxwoods are my favorite faux plant. The small-scale tight texture and bright green quality always allow it to feel authentic.

Link to topiary:

The final touch on our porch is a welcome sign that I crafted from an old cabinet door. I used the inset panel of the door to paint black inside, and scripted the words “Welcome”. Nothing fancy here, simply dollar store paint and a bow from the craft store!

Because the inside of our home has a more monochromatic and neutral feel, I wanted our outside spaces to be colorful, warm, and welcoming… starting with the entrance!

Now, I have nothing left to do but sit and wait for a sunset with some sweet tea in hand!

Mood: Monochromatic Great Room

The Great Room. The heartbeat of the home, the place we spend most of our time, and the place we gather with friends and family. This is, at least the way I envisioned this room being one day. Our main family rooms in the past have always been a mix of hand-me-down end tables, a sectional that just never quote made sense (but was SUPER comfy and moved to another room 😊) and weird furniture arrangements. I am so excited to share our very own great room with you all. This is the first room in our home that is 100% a translation of my design visions. From the flooring, to the paint, and furniture and accessories, our monochromatic cozy room is finished.


When we moved into our home, this room had white carpet and white walls. I love white, but not anywhere on my walls. I always need a deep saturation of color (even if that color is warm gray) on my walls. We used Sherwin Williams Functional Gray (SW7024) in the entire space. Functional Gray is my absolute favorite gray, because it has warm undertones and deep color. I could talk the pros and cons of gray all ay long (and may do a future post just about gray paint!) but for now, I will keep it at that. Our trim is my go-to trim color, Sherwin Williams Pure White (SW7005).


Our engineered hardwood is not only in the great room, but the entire first floor. Chad and I wanted an open concept, continuous feel. We decided on engineered hardwood, purely because I couldn’t see us having anything but real wood in our home. I wanted a genuine feel. Of course, there are downfalls to hardwood (softer material that is prone to everyday scratching), but we have area rug throughout the house that absorb some of the wear and tear.

Our flooring is “3/8 x 5 Capstone Grey Beech” from Lumber Liquidators. I personally have dealer accounts with many hardwood companies, but honestly Lumber Liquidators offers awesome pricing that just cannot be beat. The color is a deep brown, with taupe-gray undertones. The slight gray feel works well with the overall scheme. I wanted to go very deep and dark with our floors, for a classic and timeless look.

Link to flooring:

For the overall layout of our furniture, I considered how we would most often use the space. (I recommend doing this with every room before purchasing any furniture!) We love to entertain with many friends and family, but we also like to get cozy and watch movies together. We also know that a family is soon, so we needed furniture that was not overly expensive, and great quality with kids and dogs. With all of that in mind we ended up going with a large sofa, a loveseat, a chair-and-half, and a swivel chair. A lot of furniture, but our great room is expansive, and we needed to fill it up! All seating elements face each other for easy conversation, and the sofa we spend time watching movies on faces the TV.

Our rug is really the anchor of our space. We purchased a 10x13 rug from Wayfair that would be large enough for our main pieces to sit partially on top. The soft gray of the rug works great with our wall color, and the fringe detail is just too fun! It is hard to tell in photos, but the rug has a soft silvery sheen that casts different looks from any angle. It gives such a rich look.

 Link to rug:  

Our main furniture pieces are all from a collection by Fusion Furniture. This line can be purchased through Sheeley’s Furniture and is actually on their showroom floor. The Fusion set was modestly priced and had a great warranty for stains or tears. What I love most about the set is the transitional oversized feel with classic English arms. I like to think that my style is always on trend, but at the end of the day I am traditional at heart. This set had the perfect mix. I also fell in love with the houndstooth! I wanted a bold print incorporated into our look, and houndstooth (which is a constant classic) made so much sense.

The pillows came with the set (which is mid blowing!) and made accessorizing extremely easy. I always mix and match my patterns, so the houndstooth and plaid were  perfect marriage. The soft taupe’s in the prints matched perfectly with our Functional Gray. The body of the sofa is light and bright and freshens the room.

Link to furniture set: 

Our end tables were also a modest deal! They were purchased though Coleman Furniture, which ships out speedy quick. With our dark wood floors, a medium gray wood tone for our end tables allowed them to pop, but not take over the room. The trestle style was exactly the look I envisioned.

 Link to end tables: 

Our lamps are Uttermost, and can be purchased through Sheeley’s Furniture. They are LARGE and worth every penny. The soft gray glazed ceramic gives a subtle shine against the intricate flowery detail. The base is lucite, and the shade is a soft linen.

Link to tamps:

I saved the best for last! I first saw these mirrors in Highpoint, NC at the 2018 furniture mart and fell in love. I knew one day they just had to be mine. They are Uttermost as well and can be purchased at several online stores. They are quite large (72” tall) but work perfectly with our high ceilings. I positioned them low, right above the sofa for a centralized feel. They are comprised of light wash wood with mirrored inlay…I think they really complete the space!

 Link to mirrors:

Looking forward, I would like to create a large gallery wall above our loveseat. Of course, I am pushing this project into the future once we have a family... or maybe we will just do a showcase of Rocky!

We also plan to add gray roman shades once we replace a few windows.

Well, there you have it! Our monochromatic great room, and my favorite space in the house.

Blooming Curb Appeal

Things are blooming on Trout Island Road! Chad and I FINALLY finished hauling (actual) tons of rock, and planted over 30 bushes to get our landscaping ready for the year. We did everything ourselves, with the help of my amazing in-laws. The past couple weeks of Spring have been beautiful here, and everything is getting lush and bright. This is our first Spring in the new home, and I was anxious to see what colors and textures would pop up. To my surprise, PINK bushes right near our front door just bloomed. I am thrilled! Here is a breakdown of how we made our curb appeal possible:

Landscaping Rock: We purchased our landscaping rock at Susi Builder Supply in Hermitage, PA. They are great to work with! We decided to use rock instead of mulch due to the yearly maintenance of mulch, and our shaded house climate. We ended up needing 24 tons of rock (holy smokes I know!) due to our large beds. The type of rock we decided on is a medium Gray Trap. This type has a nice mix of sand tones with pops of gray. I wanted the rock to blend in with our light washed brick, rather than be a bright contrasting color. Susi delivered the rock right to our driveway, and we did the rest!

Planting: We purchased all of our plants from Kraynak’s Garden Center. The gentleman working the garden center was SO helpful because we honestly had no idea what we wanted. The beds were a bit overgrown and some bushes and shrubs had to be pulled, so some areas we started from scratch. With our shaded climate, we needed bushes that would grow well in partial to full shade. We decided on a beautiful dogwood tree to cover our gas meeter, and a mixture of holly and boxwoods to frame the beds.

Lighting: We installed new coach lights last fall, however they are finally on timers (which I highly recommend!). Our lights are from the “Springbrook” collection, and were very affordable! I decided on chocolate brown for the finish, to pop against the light brick. Eventually, we plan on adding rich brown wood accents to the front facade, so I am planning ahead with these lights!

Wreath: My Spring wreath is from Michael’s Craft Store. I always take advantage of their wreath sales! Typically, I will purchase a ready made wreath from the wall, and have a custom bow added. I rotate wreaths seasonally, so stay tuned for Summer :)

I will dive into the rest of my front porch accessories in a future post!

We are so pleased with our curb appeal this Spring, and can’t wait to enjoy the season! We all know Rocky is enjoying it :)