A Case of the Blues

A calm and cool palate was just the solution for this 1990's style home. With strong angles, large windows, and salmon colored natural stone, soft blues and grays allow the home to enter a transitional feel. Can't wait to see the the end of phase one, paint!


Excellent Client Communication

Brianna Piccirilli Designs focuses on excellent client communication by listening to the needs of the client first, then taking their wishes, limitations, and budget to create a beautiful design from start to finish. Working with the client to shape their vision is what sets BPD apart.


Brianna Piccirilli Designs welcomes you to the launch of its website! Offering a range of services from interior finishing and paint consultations, to furniture and accessories, BPD is your destination for style and design. Whether you are in the process of a new build, or simply looking for a refresh of your existing space, I can help you achieve your design goals in an effortless process from selection to installation.